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I Was Blind, And Now I Can See! – Man Healed By Prophet Of God, David Owuor

For like many years, Edwin Okumu Achoka’s life was in total darkness.

The 37-year-old from Homa Bay County became partially blind when he was in class five and by the time he was in Form Three, he was totally blind and forced to drop out of school.

He recalls that it all started with blurred vision. His eyes were always teary and he could only read large prints.

He sought medical help at Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH), Kikuyu Eye Hospital and finally at Loresho Lions Hospital, where doctors declared him blind.

“They said my cornea and retina were damaged irreparably and referred me to Machakos Technical Institute for the Blind. I was in shock and couldn’t believe this was happening to me. I had to rely on a walking stick to move around,” he said.

However, a few months ago, a miracle happened. Okumu regained his eyesight after being healed during The Mighty Prophet of God David Owuor’s crusade in Nakuru.

“I’m very happy and excited. I feel like I’m the only person in the world who is happy,” said Okumu.

He revealed to The Nairobian that on the day he received his miracle, he hadn’t even planned to attend the crusade.

“I had travelled from school (Machakos Technical Institute for the Blind) to my rural home in Homa Bay, when I heard people talking about Prophet Owuor’s upcoming prayer rally in Nakuru. A friend told me of the Prophet’s healing powers and convinced me to attend. I had never been to Nakuru before,” he explained.

When they arrived at the crusade, all he could hear were people singing and praying.

“I also started singing and praising while asking God to heal me. I had faith and knew that I was going to receive my healing. I wanted to praise God. That was on Friday evening and we resumed on Saturday morning. In the evening, I realised my left eye could see some light, but the right eye could barely see a thing,” he said, adding that, “It is an exciting world. I could see things in front of me. I could see a woman in a wheelchair just few steps from where I stood.”

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Excited, Okumu informed one of the ushers who led him to the miracle zone.

“The usher asked me to drop the walking stick, which I did. I couldn’t believe that I could actually walk without assistance. I even went to the toilets without assistance,” he said.

On Sunday, Okumu says The Mighty Prophet of God asked him to go to the podium and that he dashed to where the Prophet was standing.

“Receive your healing, receive your healing!” he recalls the Prophet telling him.

“He would walk to a corner and ask if I could see him. I would then walk over to him and he would change positions. Every time I caught up with him,” he said.


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