Bonoko Treats Betty Kyalo To An Early Valentine’s Day Gift (Photos Video)

Radio presenter James Kang’ethe aka Bonoko was the guest host on KTN Friday Briefing hosted by the sassy Betty Kyalo on January 19.

Aside from sharing his inspirational story from being a street child to a successful radio presenter, he presented Betty with a special Valentine’s gift of ‘KDF’, to the amusement of many.


Bonoko, who hails from Banana turned to the street life together with his siblings and mother after being chased from home by his dad. “Nilipofukuzwa, nikaenza kwa street hapo Globe (roundabout)”.

While at the Globe Cinema roundabout, he witnessed police shooting a suspect and allegedly placing a fake gun (bonoko) on him. His narration of the happenings went viral, earning him an interview call-up at Ghetto Radio by Majimaji.

Betty Kyalo’s KDF present from Bonoko

According to Bonoko, he had little hopes of getting the job since “nlikuwa mchafu, viatu sina, nguo sina.”

But he eventually got the call-up to host a show on Ghetto Radio with the station providing food and clothing for him.

Years down the line, Bonoko is the proud owner of a Range Rover. “Nikiendashs hiyo gari, mimi husema enyewe Mungu yuko. Hakuna utajiri ingine naeza taka kwa sababu nlikuwa nalala kwa gunia,” he stated.

Bonoko’s Range Rover

Following his successful radio career, he started the Bonoko Sufferer Foundation which aims at providing necessities to street kids.

Bonoko pledged to donors to come forward and provide land so he can build a children’s home for street children.


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