Boost For Kenyan Farmers as Brookside Starts Buying Raw Milk at Sh. 42 per litre


Milk processor Brookside has increased its raw milk buying price by 13 per cent.

Brookside is now buying raw milk from farmers at a record Sh. 42 per litre. this new price takes effect today (Thursday).

Brookside becomes the first milk processor in the country to buy raw milk at over Sh. 41. The New KCC is currently buying raw milk at Sh. 40 per litre while the other raw milk processors are acquiring it at between Sh. 37 per litre and Sh. 40 per litre.

The increase in the buying price has been fueled by a sharp shortage of milk, that has also seen the price of processed milk shoot to between Sh. 55 and Sh. 60 per half a litre.

Currently, Brookside is the market leader, commanding a 44 per cent stake. It is followed closely by New KCC which commands a market share of 20 per cent.


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