Check Out Celina’s Brilliant Clapback At Single Mums Trolls

Actress Catherine Kamau aka Celina has just given those criticizing single mums a tackle of the decade.

Celina lashed out at critics who are quick to castigate single mums yet they have either had numerous abortions or mothered several children out of wedlock whom they do not take care of.

She added how single mothers make the best wives.

The actress, who was a single mother until recently when she wedded her longtime partner,  Philip Karanja, asked people to respect single mothers.

She had shared a photo of her son who she said gave an emotional speech to his new daddy on their wedding day.

Celina’s tackle to those disrespecting single mothers received a lot of support online being shared widely.


Rosemary Kina Rotique commented, “You inspire me… We are not single by choice… We are just victims coz someone who could not zip his trousers became irresponsible and we took up the responsibility… #i love my son!”

Roshaun Wangari Emmar wrote, “Catherine you should start a group “From Single Mom to Married Mom” n am definitely in yaaas…… We make the best wives. Cheers.”

Fridah Gatakaa added, “Repeat to them from a hilltop that married women can convert to a single mother status in a blink of an eye. Some married women think they have made it in life!”

Beatrice Washuka Wangare commented, “The fact that they judge single mums makes me believe that they were perhaps lucky enough to be brought up by both parents. Unfortunately, it did them no good because few years later, they are here insulting people because their family setting is different from what they grew up in. What to call this…hmmm. Shallowness is an understatement.”


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