Check Out This Rare Photos Of Brenda Wairimu And Juliani

Celebrity couple Juliani and Brenda Wairimu have excited their fans after sharing a rare photo of their family while relaxing at home.

The couple who like their relationship private, have decided to go an extra mile, to show their social media followers how they are bringing up their little daughter Amor with lots of Love.

playBrenda with her daughter, in the rare photo that has excited their fans (Courtesy)

Instagram post

Brenda, took to her Instagram account to share a photo of their young family while lying on a sofa.

 “1+1=3….hiyo ndio equation ya procreation” reads Brenda Wairimu’s caption.

playJuliani and Brenda in the rare photo that has excited their fans (Courtesy)

Reactions from Fans

“Awwww. You guys look so cute.. beautiful family”

“This pic is everything @brendawairimu_ and that equation is on point.”

“deeply sweet….”

“Looking lovely. My fav celeb couple. I pray for yall to have a happily ever after relationship and family.”

“ @brendawairimu_caption & guyz like @alfredkingsmancommenting with @julianigram Lyrics this is legendary Real recognize real.”


In an past Interview on ‘The Trend,’ Brenda explained why she  doesn’t like to  always expose her family on social media, despite her status in the society.

 “We are a very young family and we do not want to subject our family to scrutiny. I’m very protective of things I hold dear.”

playJuliani and Brenda who have shared a rare Photo of their family that excited their fans. (Courtesy )

Huge fan

Asked on how she met with Juliani, the actress revealed that she was the first to slide in Juliani’s DM on Twitter.

But her intentions were not exactly to date the rapper but strike up a conversation because she is a huge fan of rap music.

She loved Juliani so much that she even got her hair braided to shake it like Juliani when he came to perform at her school. And it’s great she made the first move as she landed a very intelligent and grounded celebrity.

playBrenda who have shared a rare Photo of their family (Courtesy)


“I love rap, hip hop all that. I was a big HUGE fan. And I used to do short braids whenever he was going to perform so that I can shake my hair as well. And when I got to the industry I was like ‘Oh maybe now I can finally get to meet this icon, this person who I really enjoyed his music. So I was like ‘Hey I like your music’ and what not and the rest is history.” Said Brenda

The two have a three year old daughter, Amor, whom they welcomed back in 2015.

playBrenda and her daughter Amor who have shared a rare Photo of their family (Courtesy)


Juliani romantically proposed to Brenda in the scenic coastal town of Lamu.


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