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The more quickly you lose weight, the more likely you are going to have a problem with excess skin. This can either be through dieting, weight loss or surgery. Such rapid and drastic loss makes you lose muscle along with fat that is essential for keeping your metabolism going and keeping your body, connective tissue and bones strong.

When you lose weight quickly, extra skin will be left hanging that may be difficult to get rid of. Slow and gradual loss does not result in any excess flab but rather gives your skin a chance to respond to all the changes that effective weight loss brings.

Other factors that cause sagging skin are:

-Not getting balanced nutrition i.e. vitamins and minerals
-Too much sun exposure
-Giving birth can leave some extra skin
-Smoking speeds up the normal aging process of your skin

Solutions for sagging skin

Weight train at least three times a week to build new, strong and well-toned muscles that your skin can adhere to. Include other exercises such as push ups, crunches, sit ups, squats, lunges and any cardio vascular activity to help tighten the muscles underneath your skin which therefore strengthens and firm your skin up.

Once in a while, have a massage. As much as massaging helps your body release tension and allows you to relax, it can also help your skin build and bring back that elasticity.

Always make sure your posture is good. Maintain a good posture whether you are standing, sitting, sleeping or just doing anything because this can very much help in tightening your muscles and skin.

Drink at least eight glasses of water every day to keep your skin soft and moist beside flushing toxins out of your system. Well-hydrated skin gives you that great look and feeling.

Avoid smoking because research shows that smoke from cigarettes can damage micro capillaries in the skin therefore reducing the ability to absorb essential nutrients.

Eat foods which have adequate supply of minerals, vitamins especially C and E and lean meat while cutting down meals high in saturated fats, sugar and other additives. Opt for foods high in essential fats like nuts, fish and seeds. Fish is great because it has Omega 3 fatty acids that help tremendously in preventing skin sagging by preventing dehydration in the skin cell and normalising skin lipids/fats.

As much as your skin needs some sun to stay healthy, avoid over- exposure because sun burned skin is more pruned to wrinkling and sagging over time. If certain situation forces you to be exposed, apply plenty of sunscreen, wear a broad rimmed hat and even sun glasses.


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