China Vows to Help Kenya More in Infrastructure, Agriculture

China will continue to offer Kenya its support in infrastructure, agriculture and other areas, Ambassador Liu Xianfa has said.

Xianfa applauded the two country’s long-standing diplomatic relation and expressed satisfaction with the fruitful outcomes of the 54 years relationship.

“We sincerely hope that China and Kenya will continue to work closely to push forward our friendly cooperation for more tangible outcomes, so as to benefit our people,” Xianfa said during a cocktail at the embassy on Tuesday.

He said China is also working with other countries to forge a new form of international relations that will feature mutual respect, fairness, and justice and win-win cooperation.

Xianafa said his country was particularly keen to ensure there is peace and development for all humanity.

“As Kenya’s good friend, brother and partner, China firmly believes that Kenya will make greater progress in its development and modernisation.”

China, he said is blazing a new trial for other developing countries to achieve modernisation by offering Chinese wisdom and Chinese approach.

“Our Centenary goals are in line with the interest of the developing world. China will continue to work closely with African countries in the principle of sincerity, practical results, affinity and good faith, upholding the values of friendship, justice and shared interests,” he added.

China is increasing its efforts on poverty alleviation towards 2020 and says it is ready to share its experience with Kenya.

“In the coming five years, China will import $8 trillion (Sh822.800 trillion) goods, and attract $600 billion (Sh61.7 trillion) of foreign investment and make $750 billion (Sh77.13 trillion) of outbound investment.”

Xianfa said Kenya should seize these opportunities to expand export of Kenyan products to the huge Chinese market, and especially in 2019 when china is set to host first its International Horticultural import Expo in Beijing.

He said one tangible outcomes of the Kenya /China relation include the Mombasa-Nairobi Standard Gauge Railway (SGR).

Xianfa said the country was optimist that the railway service continues to be improved and expanded to meet the increasing need of the market and the people.

China Wu Yi also invested $100 million (Sh10.2 billion) to build the Kenya Construction Industrialisation Base.

From next year, the Base will have annual capacity of producing 50,000 cubic meters of precast components for use in the real estate sector.


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