Chinese Caught in Kilimani Denies Selling Expired Meat

The Chinese lady among the four individuals captured on Tuesday in Kilimani has denied preparing and selling food in unsanitary conditions.

Shang Li Yan was on Thursday charged before senior principal magistrate Kennedy Cheruiyot.

Prosecutor Kennedy Panyako opposed bond terms and pleaded with the court to retain the custodial orders that allowed the DCI to detain Yan until Monday.

Panyako pleaded with the court to grant hearing at the scene to allow the Nairobi public health to destroy the meat.

Panyako said an awful smell from Yan’s house has denied neighbours comfort and some are moving house.

He said the meat that has been secured as evidence is perishable and the court should visit and record the same as the evidence before destruction.

Among those retained items include 65kg of uncleaned red meat, 65kg of uncleaned fish, raw chicken, pork and crab fish.

Others include 95 kilograms of assorted white and red meat.

The prosecution said the same was being sold under unsanitary conditions and without certification from the public health office.

Also recovered were two ivory tusks and sculptures each, one lion sculpture, ivory bangles and necklaces, a tortoise, leopard skin and rhino horn all valued at Sh6.3 million.

The other four suspects arrested on Tuesday are Xing Wi, Zhang Jie and David Oseko.

They were arrested after neighbours complained of a foul smell emanating from their five-bedroomed house.

After raiding the house, officers found decomposing game meat in a freezer.


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