Churchill Comedian MCA Tricky Now A Student In Posh Karen School

Has popular Churchill comedian MCA tricky gone back to high school? That is the question on everyone’s lips and the answer to it is yes!

He is officially a student after enrolling at the Light International Academy located in the posh neighborhoods of Karen.

The upscale school has been known to offer scholarships to smart deserving children who come from unprivileged backgrounds.

Growing up in the streets hence his moniker MCA, Member of Chokora’s Assembly, the 1993 born comedian will have a second chance in education courtesy of the school. Excited about his new journey he broke the news via his social media.

‘’Good morning from @lightacademykenya Asante Mungu kwa nafasi hii,,naingia daro wasee ,,baadaye
#Good day.’’ He posted yesterday.

With little to laugh about as he grew up in the streets of Nairobi, Paul Kimani Njoroge, his real name, would face a harsh reality leading to drug abuse at an early age.

After a 2016 Churchill show audition, his life would take a different turn. Earning six figures, he continues to remain a popular act in the Churchill show portraying the life and stories of Nairobi street boys.


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