City Lawyer Tom Ojienda Awarded Sh264 Million In Legal Fees

City Hall has been ordered to pay lawyer Tom Ojienda Sh264 million following the lawyer’s success in a series of court cases.

According to reports, High Court Judge George Odunga oversaw the case contested by City Hall over payment owed to Prof Ojienda for his services back in 2014.

Initially, the lawyer was seeking Sh1.8 billion for work carried out in five separate suits.

However, City Hall contested the amounts before the High Court’s taxing master, and managed to reduce the amount to Sh264 million.

“In my view, the only way in which Nairobi County can avoid payment where there is a valid judgment of a court of competent jurisdiction is to show that the judgment has been set aside on appeal or on review or that an order of stay has been issued suspending execution of the said judgment,” Justice Odunga said.

“The order staying execution must, however, be made in the matter in which the judgment was issued. To that extent Nairobi County’s application, brought as it is in a matter other than one in which the decree was issued, is in my view incompetent.”

The legal fees came as a result of Prof Ojienda’s success in five court cases, one of which included Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko.


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