City Pastor’s Prophesy Of NTSA Disbandment Happens Months After Prediction

Renowned pastor Godfrey Migwi has left his followers amazed by his prophesy that came to life a few hours ago.

Back in December he came out to warn NTSA for terrorizing motorists, saying that their days were number.

Being among those bashing the NTSA officers, the pastor expressed the need of them being withdrawn from Kenyan roads. Through his Facebook page he wrote saying;


NTSA the worst wakora net-#-work in East Africa region, they are supposed to work to reduce accidents but their work is to terrorize motorists, now it’s their high season to net money from Kenyans, but your days are numbered

This was after several people lost their lives traveling back to their villages to celebrate Christmas. With the risen of road accidents many wanted NTSA out of the road since they were showing no improvements in their work.

NTSA banned

However, the president has ordered them out of the roads and as expected the pastor had to share his excite. Through his Facebook page he went on to say;

Prayers for the police force

The same pastor has talked about a great rift in the police force in this post and we are curious to see what will happen next.


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