Cops Remove Woman Claiming To Be Uhuru’s Daughter From The Street

A woman who claimed to be President Uhuru’s daughter on Friday has been picked by police from a Nairobi street.

The lady shocked Kenyans on Friday when she walked near Yaya Centre with a sign claiming President Uhuru Kenyatta is her father.

“Meet Tamara Risheel Unknown President Uhuru Kenyatta’s daughter. My high dream is to meet my daddy in person for the first time. I love my daddy,” read the sign.

The photo was shared on social media, resulting in backlash through Twitter hashtag #ifikieUhuru.

John Apewe said actions like the girl’s result from smoking bhang and that she cannot be Uhuru’s child.

Others criticised the girl’s dressing saying she should have done a better job instead of making such claims.

The middle-aged woman was in pink tights, a black tutu skirt, pink vest, a black see-through top, ankle boots, headgear and shades.


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