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COTU Boss Francis Atwoli Almost Cries in Public Prayer Over Corruption

A viral video showing COTU boss Francis Atwoli nearly crying in a public prayer over corruption has ignited debate on social media.

Atwoli was in Rift Valley during the weekend when he told area residents that their leaders were to blame for the troubles faced by maize farmers in the region.

Atwoli opted to conclude his remarks by an emotional prayer, questing God on why he had “punished us by giving us leaders who steal from us.”

“Oh God, do not leave us, if there are any thieves amidst us, please take them away from us without haste.

“The people who take the farmers’ maize, even if they are our sons, they are evil, please take them away from our faces. We are poor and cannot handle them, send your angels to help get rid of these thieves,” interceded the emotional Atwoli.

Members of the trade union couldn’t help but break into laughter as their Secretary General further prayed about the difficulties facing his fight to secure his slot at the NSSF board.

Atwoli, in his prayer, claimed that a powerful woman was behind his shortcomings at the NSSF board, and was behind a scheme that intends to steal from the fund.

“I am very weak and often opposed. Right now there’s a woman who’s against me. She wants me out so that the NSSF money is stolen the same way resources have disappeared from NHIF,” claimed Atwoli in the intercession.

Atwoli held that NSSF had raised Kshs260 billion citing it as the reason a female official at the Federation of Kenya Employers (FKE) was ‘fighting him.’

In October, Atwoli had moved to court to obtain orders to have Labour Cabinet Secretary Ukur Yattani compelled to appoint and gazette him as a member of the National Social Security Fund (NSSF) board.

Here is a video of Atwoli praying over the maize scandal and his tribulations regarding his appointment to the NSSF board:



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