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Cotu Boss Francis Atwoli Reelected as The Vice President of International Trade Union Confederation

Cotu boss Francis Atwoli was on Friday re-appointed as the Vice President of the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC).

Atwoli’s name was before proposed by more than 3,000 representatives going to the fourth ITUC congress in Copenhagen, Denmark.
He was later elected through a majority vote. The delegates unanimously approved his name for the top job, granting him another four-year term in the leadership of the global trade union.

The vocal worker’s rights point man is expected to enhance international cooperation between trade unions, spearhead global campaigns and advocacy within the major global institutions.

In his acceptance speech to the Congress, Atwoli appreciated the confidence his colleagues have in him and promised to fulfill their interests in the labor market.

“The position you have just bestowed on me this morning is not an easy one, you are sending me to war to fight for working men and women wherever they are in the world,” he said.

“I am only your soldier whose actions come from you, the commanders an I will never let you down, I will stand for your interests and put up my life for you always.”

The Secretary general, who is also the current president of the Organization of African Trade Union Unity( OATUU) and Pan-African Continent’s trade union, was first elected as a titular member to the General Council to the ITUC to represent the East African region.

Atwoli is now serving the third term in the trade union that lives by the principles of trade union democracy and independence.

Others officials elected during the hotly contested elections were the confederations General Secretary Sharan Burrow from Australia.

She garnered a total of 54,783,316 votes beating his challenger Susan Camsso from Italy who got 50,196,465 votes.

The ITUC remains the largest trade union in the world with a membership of 207 million.


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