The ‘Cursed’ Regional Area Of Homa Bay County Where ‘Spirits’ Roam Free For 80yrs

Residents of a community in Homa Bay County in Kokwanyo West location have been forced to desert a piece of land, about seven hectares in size, for fear of death.

For about 80 years, nobody has built a house on the piece of land.

They claim it was cursed and that if you stay there, you get visited by spirits of the dead, which residents believe usually hover over the land.

Francis Achok, a resident of the community, says long time ago, a strange disease attacked and killed all men on the land popularly known as liete yawuoyi (the grave site of men), but no woman got sick.

Years later, the women too died in unclear circumstances.

“You cannot build a homestead on that land. No one has built there and survived ever since the men died. At night, the men’s spirits return to the land as human beings and conduct their daily activities. You can hear them cooking, feeding, talking, walking and looking after their cattle,” Achok said.

He adds that the mysterious deaths elicited a lot of fear: “Their bellies enlarged day after day and they were in a lot of pain.”

Edward Adeo who lives in the community also says since he was born, the land has always been deserted.

“This land has been unoccupied for as long as I can remember. I have never seen anyone live on it because people fear being ‘attacked’ by spirits of the dead,” he said.

Pastor Julius Mulei of Christ Dominion Palace in Kasarani says that it all boils down to one’s beliefs.

He explains that the community in question is only affected because they still believe in traditions and superstitions.

“It is very clear that the residents still believe in spirits of the dead. They are still deep-rooted in superstition and think that the spirits can attack them. According to the Bible, that’s Satanic.

“We should not fear anything on earth because God is in control. We were given the land to live on and take good care of. That’s what we should do. Build a house anywhere, so long as it’s lawful,” he said.


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