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How To Deliciously Make Kenyan Coconut Rice- Wali Wa Nazi

Wali Wa Nazi is creamy and rich accompaniment to chicken, fish, curry or any meat. It’s ok to use canned coconut milk but, when using canned unsweetened coconut milk, remember to shake the can well before opening. Divide the contents of the can into two parts and add enough hot water to make two cups. The first cup of coconut milk should be thick and the second thin.

If you would love to use homemade coconut milk just like me, well, this is how you make coconut milk (maziwa ya nazi) at home.


2 cups of Parboiled Rice
4 cups of coconut milk (2 cups of thick and 2 cups of thin)
Salt to taste

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1. Bring thin coconut milk near to boil in a cooking saucepan.

2. Add the rice and salt. Cook for about 10 minutes stirring constantly. Reduce the heat at very low.

3.. Add the thick coconut milk and continue stirring for another five minutes as the mixture simmers.

4. Cover the rice tightly. Please, make sure the fire is as low as possible. You don’t want to burn your rice. Let it steam for 20 to 25 minutes.

5. Serve Wali wa Nazi / coconut rice with meat stew, fish stew, samaki wa Kupaka or any curry dish.



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