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Diamond Platnumz Opens Up On Why He Wears A Cross Even Though He’s A Muslim

Diamond Platnumz causes controversy even with things he himself think are non-issues. One of the problems he had last month was with the Tanzanian government which declared his music unpalatable.

More trouble seems to have come the musician’s way. The thing that has rankled his followers is the fact that he dons a crucifix and he is a Muslim. The cross is normally worn by many Christian faithful who wear as a sign of their faith.

Anything with a cross is usually regarded as the crucifix by Muslims, that why Red Cross had to change its logo in Islamic countries.

Diamond says that those who claim he is wearing a crucifix have no idea of what they are talking about. The singer explains that his cross necklace is just a plus sign which he has no problem with.

In an interview with Global Publishers he explained:

“Cheni ninayovaa na watu wanavyonidiss nimekuwa nina washangaa sana,kwa sababu watu wamekuwa wanazungumza kile wasichokijua kabisa. Kwangu huu sio msalaba bali ni alama ya kujumlisha ambayo ninaiona kuwa haina tatizo lolote kwangu zaidi ya kuwa na siri nzito sana.”


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