Diana Marua Spotted Glowing With The Changes Brought On By Pregnancy (Photos)

As much as Bahati and his wife try to hide their pregnancy, the changes on her body cannot go unnoticed. Well, most women go through different experiences but in Diana Marua’s case it’s the obvious physical changes that make it obvious.

In a new video shared by Bahati one can’t help but notice how swollen Diana Marua’s face has become. This is just one of the many changes she has experienced in the 3rd trimester and though she might not see it; there is beauty in each step.

From the screenshots i managed to get, it’s also obvious to see that she tried hiding her baby bump behind her husband and it worked!

Baby’s due date

So far all we know is that their baby will be here before March or April. However, let’s wait and see if the couple will announce the arrival of their baby on their social media pages.


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