Disturbing Picture Of Sick Njambi Koika In The U.S Leaves Many People In Tears

Media personality Njambi Koikai, who is fighting for her life in a United States hospital, on Tuesday shocked many after she shared a picture of herself looking frail on a hospital bed.

Njambi left Kenya last month for treatment in Atlanta. She is suffering from Thoracic Endometriosis – a condition which causes her lungs to collapse regularly and needed Sh10 million for treatment.

In one of her latest posts, she explains how the journey has been so far.

“I have been in hospital for over two weeks now. I had 4 chest tubes inserted and needed a walker to go to the bathroom and for physiotherapy.”


She added that she lacks words to describe the pain she is feeling and partly blames local doctors who placed tubes in her body.

“So the endometriosis in my uterus, bowel area and ovaries was completely removed. The biggest challenge has been my lungs. The endometriosis had spread so much and the scar tissue plus the placement of wrong chest tubes back at home created this mess.”

Her half naked picture which show’s several tubes protruding from her body had many followers on social media wishing her well and praying for her.


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