‘Don’t Settle For Crap Please,’ Lilian Muli Advises Ladies Not To Be Side Chicks

Citizen TV news anchor Lilian Muli adores being the fundamental young lady and is encouraging different women to abstain from tumbling to number two.

Taking to online life, Muli posted a message asking women for what valid reason they incline toward being lady number two while they can without much of a stretch be number one.

She captioned the screenshot saying that it was time women completely ditch that Idea. She further hinted that she’s very much single but still hopeful she might get a man who will love her.

“I believe it’s possible; relationships should be exclusive and uncluttered and there are good men and women out there who don’t have time for monkey business so don’t settle for crap. My king hasn’t been born yet. But I’m forever hopeful lol. Ladies what do you think??? I think we can all do better.” she said.


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