DP Ruto’s kutangatanga Sign of Panic, Stress – ANC Leader, Mudavadi aide

Kenya Deputy President William Ruto’s loitering across the country is a sign of stress, panic, and exhaustion, ANC leader Musalia Mudavadi’s private secretary Kibisu Kabatesi has said.

In a statement on Friday, Kabatesi said the DP is in a hysterical state and is using “all manner of unorthodox tricks, including intimidation and threats” to force President Uhuru Kenyatta to endorse him.

On Wednesday the DP, while addressing delegations from Busia and Bungoma at his Sugoi home, said he was ready to take on anyone who wants to succeed President Kenyatta.

He asked those waiting for endorsement to instead fight for the seat.

But yesterday, Kabatesi asked the DP to stop shadowboxing himself because he only becomes a competitor to other candidates once he goes through Jubilee nominations.

Ruto has said he will support whoever wins the Jubilee nominations if he fails to clinch the ticket.

Jubilee secretary general Raphael Tuju last weekend said the party had not settled on any preferred 2022 presidential candidate.

This came days after party vice-chairman David Murathe said in Vihiga that Central Kenya did not owe anyone a political debt.

“The DP is advised to devote a little time to helping President Kenyatta achieve the Big Four agenda as this could be his showcasing display should he be a candidate,” Kabatesi said.

The barbs he is throwing to assumed competitors outside his Jubilee circle are misplaced and misdirected, he said.

Kabatesi added that Ruto should heed the President’s advice to slow down on his cutthroat campaigning and refocus on development.

He said the Deputy President’s voice is needed is curbing grand corruption in the NCPB, theft at KPC, KPLC and the Rural Electrification Authority’s Last Mile project, and land scandals

He further asked the DP to stop claiming imaginary political debts.

“He baked his raw cake of political debts and should eat it rather than inviting innocent Kenyans to share in it”, he said.

“The DP should not use public resources to host idle people for the sole purpose to ridicule and besmirch other leaders, whom he mistakenly assumes is his competitors.”

“There is wisdom in building bridges in your wake rather than burning the sole one you have,” Kabatesi said.

He said that in political jurisprudence, it is the government that defends its development record in an election.

“The opposition is under no obligation to showcase development record because it has none. All Opposition is required to do is question the value of development,” he said.


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