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DP William Ruto Throwing Stones at President Uhuru Using Supporters – Narc Kenya Leader Karua

Kenya has gone out of control by disrespecting President Uhuru Kenyatta, Narc Kenya leader Martha Karua has disclosed

Speaking on Wednesday, Karua said Kenya lacked political maturity and must be streamlined.

“You hear people cursing and talking in a disrespectful manner to one another, including to the Head of State. We must pay respect to the Presidency,” she said.

“This is not saying that we cannot criticise him but we must differ with respect.”

Karua added that she cannot support Deputy President William Ruto in his bid for the country’s top seat.

She added that some of the challenges facing the DP cannot allow her to do so.

“He has been mentioned in many scandals…Those are my personal views and there are many issues and some of them surround involve Chapter 6 of the constitution,” she said.

Her comments come after a revolt burst into the open on Tuesday after leaders from Central region condemned the President for referring to some of them as washenzi, loosely translated as fools.

Although Uhuru and his deputy have not been in a direct public confrontation, words have slipped out, making it clear that all is not well between them, especially after Uhuru embraced Opposition leader Raila Odinga after the handshake on March 9, 2018.

Noting that Ruto is part of the Presidency, Karua said it was in his best interest to ensure that it is respected.

“The DP is throwing punches using the shield of his supporters. He cannot distance himself from his supporters,” she said.

Karua said the rapport between Uhuru and Raila is good for the country and Kenyans should embrace it instead of scattering their good deeds.

“This did not stop anyone’s ambition for anyone garnering for the Presidency in 2022 unless you get your troops to respect it…do you expect to sit on a seat that has been devalued?” she posed.

She further noted that the lack of respect from leaders has not only spread to upper levels but also the lower levels of leadership.

“Look at how MPs differ with each other. They call each other names including a drug peddler, a drunk… at what point do you consider the other leader drunk?” she posed.

“We have gone out of control in the political discourse and it is not a good example we are giving to the youth.”

Some of the leaders, including MP Moses Kuria from Uhuru’s rural Gatundu South, have accused the President of neglecting them.

They argue that under the Constitution, the President has sweeping powers that he can use to ensure more money is allocated to Kiambu, Nyeri, Murang’a Nyandarua and Nakuru counties.

On Wednesday, a group of former legislators will hold a press conference in Nairobi where they are likely to turn the heat up on Ruto for allegedly engineering the anti-Uhuru insurgency in Central.

The revolt is unprecedented, with Uhuru becoming the first President to be openly defied in his own backyard since Independence — barely two years after he was reelected. The President has three years and eight months to go at State House.

On Monday, a furious Uhuru rubbished the claims and branded its proponents washenzi.


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