Dress Designed By Actress, Neomi Nganga Made It To The Oscars Red Carpet (Photos)

Neomi Nganga is one hell of a multihyphenate individual. Name it, she can do it.
The actress launched her clothing line, Style By Neomi in 2016 and it’s been doing pretty well. Style By Neomi mostly focuses on plus size gowns or red carpet wear. Think of a dress you’d need for a special occasion, Style By Neomi has got you covered.

Neomi Rocking one of her designs:


















The clothing brand has been dressing top Kenyan celebrities and has grown to a huge following of well over 13,000 followers on Instagram and counting.
Popular actress, Catherine Kamau rocked Style By Neomi for her traditional wedding where she looked stunning in a white flowy gown with bits of Kente fabric at the back.

And now, Style By Neomi has made it to the Oscars!
That’s right, Kenyan Actress, Krysteen Savane rocked a gorgeous neon green one hand sleeved gown with an African print overskirt to the Oscars 2018 – a design by none other than Neomi Nganga. Krysteen was one of the Kenyan actresses who traveled to Hollywood alongside the rest of the cast ofWatu Wote film which was nominated in the Short Film (Live Action) category alongside My Nephew Emmett, The Silent Child, DeKalb Elementary and Eleven o’clock.

Even though they lost to The Silent Child, an Oscars nomination was still a big deal and proof that an all Kenyan cast can make it to the Oscars. It’s definitely a stepping stone for Kenyan actors, actresses, and producers.

An excited and jubilant Neomi took to the gram to share the exciting news with her fans. She wrote,

SEE GOD…🙏🙏 @stylebyneomi at #oscars2018 🙏🙏🙏🙏Doesn’t She look Gorgeous …Love it!!She wanted to keep it Simple and African…and that’s what we brought to Life !! Thank you so much @krysteensavane for Representing #stylebyNEOMI at the #oscars2018 we are proud of your Film Achievements #Watuwote….You Are WINNER !!

Here is the dress as worn by Krysteen at the Oscars 2018.

And here is the Watu Wote crew.



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