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EACC Connects Governors’ Wives to Misuse of Public Funds

Governors’ Wives have been blamed for utilizing IFMIS passwords to access public funds.

Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission vice-chairperson Sophia Lepuchirit said serving and previous governors will be considered responsible whenever found that their companions took public funds for private use.

“It is illegal for governors’ spouses to know details of the district governments’ records and accounts, leave alone getting to IFMIS passwords,” she cautioned.

Lepuchirit made the remarks on Sunday during the International Anti-Corruption Day at Meru National Polytechnic.

Chief Executive Officer Halakhe Waqo told the public to assist the commission to fight against corruption.

He said complainants in graft cases in public hospitals, schools, the police, and other public organizations are usually also involved in the vice. They report because they have been denied their “cut” in the deal, Waqo said.

He said all Kenyans must join hands in the war on corruption and the task should not be left to the commission.

Waqo said the private sector is also grappling with corruption.

Meru governor Kiraitu Murungi said corruption money is being used as political capital for bribing voters.

The Governor, who was the guest of honor, said in the past there was infighting between anti-corruption agencies.

He left the crowd in stitches when he told the story of a man who had stolen meat who was being pursued by hyenas.

Murungi said when the man realized the hyenas were about to catch him, he threw a piece of meat at them and left them fighting as he fled.

He said previous anti-corruption investigators used to fight for the “stolen meat”.

Murungi said whenever the investigators got near the thief, a new team of investigators.

The Governor said this frustrated the war on corruption.

He accused churches of condoning corruption but accepting ill-gotten cash during harambees.

Kenya University Students Organisation chairperson Antony Manyara called for a curriculum review to help fight corruption.


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