EACC Freezes Accounts, Sh200m Assets Of Top Homa Bay Officials

Homa Bay county

The EACC has frozen accounts and property worth Sh200 million, allegedly acquired corruptly by top Homa Bay county officials.

The officials have been barred from transferring or dealing with money in their accounts pending further action by the commission.

The assets include several prime properties in Homa Bay Town, Kisumu and Nairobi. Among them are homes and business premises that belong to the suspects.

“The properties, which were purchased by funds whose sources have been traced to the assembly, were preserved by way of restrictions by EACC in accordance with section 76 of the Land Registration Act, No. 3 of 2012,” read part of a court ruling.

Assembly Clerk Kephas earlier requested the court to stop the commission from proceeding with the investigations.

Kephas argued the assembly is a privileged establishment that cannot be investigated for any form of criminal acts.

But EACC opposed the application and pleaded with the court for freedom to pursue the matter.

“The assemblies’ powers were never meant to make them sanctuaries of criminal activities but to allow them to discharge their duties of law making, oversight and representation in strict observance of the constitution and the law,” read part of the affidavit filed by the commission.

The anti-graft agency has submitted a fresh application to be allowed to transfer the case to the Anti-Corruption Court in Nairobi to speed up anti-corruption petitions.

The commission has been investigating possible theft of the assembly’s funds, amounting to more than Sh400 million.

Early in March, while armed with a court order, the commission’s detectives searched the offices and homes of some senior Homa Bay officials and stumbled upon evidence of massive looting of county funds.

During the raid, several documents indicating massive fraud, bank statements, log books and title deeds were seized.

They are expected to form the foundation of the case against officials of the county led by Cyprian Awiti.


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