East Africa’s Biggest National Lottery Launches its fFrst Live Draw

Pambazuka, East Africa National Lottery

The much hyped and recently launched Pambazuka National Lottery held its maiden live TV draw show. Through their first live draw show on NTV, the winning numbers were announced by the energetic presenters Mike Wachira and Angie Mwai.

To participate in the lottery one has to pick six lucky numbers and thus stands a chance to win a Mini-Jackpot of over Kshs 10 million from either of the two draws if all the six numbers match the drawn numbers during the live TV draws.

The Pambazuka National Lottery is open to anyone above the age of 18 years and has a huge jackpot of over Kshs 100 million with two mini jackpots of Kshs 10 million each. Participants can play the lottery through the SportPesa gaming platform or by buying their tickets from Pambazuka vendors across the country. If one has any three, four or five numbers that match the drawn numbers, they stand a chance to win cash prizes. The Mzooka Jackpot offers a cash prize of over Kshs 100 million for players that match the six numbers plus the Mzooka Powerball numbers drawn during the live TV shows.

The Pambazuka National Lottery (PNL) offers various platforms for player participation. For the tech and mobile savvy they can access the PNL website, follow instructions to participate and await the live draw after receiving an SMS confirmation. Mobile users, who make a majority of lottery and gaming participants, can play through the SportPesa platform. One has to send an SMS with the word PNL to 79079 and follow the instructions to participate. This requires one to have registered on SportPesa. The public can also buy tickets at a cost of Kshs.80 from PNL authorized agents located across the country.

The unique offering from Pambazuka National Lottery is that winners of the draws have to claim their cash prizes by presenting themselves with their national I.D to their nearest agent for amounts under Kshs. 50,000. For prizes above Kshs. 50,000 one has to visit the PNL central offices at the Chancery building.

The set of the live TV shows is one of a kind. Unlike other sets, it was built from scratch with a lot of creative designs being incorporated. For the purposes of transparency, the Pambazuka draw is shot before a live audience and a representative from the Betting Control and Licensing Board, with a lotto draw machine randomly selecting the winning numbers (shown live).

The Pambazuka National Lottery (PNL) was launched as a Kenyan lottery established in 2016 aimed at introducing world-class best practices into the Kenyan market. The lottery was launched live on air on NTV and KTN across six different counties, namely; Mombasa, Meru, Nakuru, Kisii, Kisumu and Nyeri. Live shows to announce winners will be aired on NTV on Wednesdays and Sundays.


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