Easy Ways To Detect If Someone Is Spying On Your Phone

In today’s technological world, everything is possible, with just an app, someone can go into your text messages, call log and everything you think you’re doing in private.

Now, the question is, how do you prevent this? Here are 7 easy ways you can detect if someone is spying on your phone.

1. Dial *#21#

This code is not a special feature or some secret code, it is just a code to help you detect if your calls are being forwarded to another destination. In case you forwarded some calls yourself, there is no need to panic when you find out that some calls, data, messages are being forwarded to another destination.

However, in case you never did this and after checking you realise some of your calls have been forwarded to another phone, then it should raise suspicion. Immediately remove those numbers and deactivate call forwarding on your phone.

passenger snopping at your phone



2. Dial *#62#

This code opens up your voicemail redirection and you should be able to see the number your voicemail is being directed to. If you check and it is being directed to a strange number other than your network then it should raise eyebrows. So for instance, if you are on Vodafone and you check and the number showing is from MTN, Tigo or Glo, then you should know someone else is spying on your calls. The number should be the same as your network provider, but someone can break into your phone and replace it with a number and this means that all your voicemails will be going to that number.


3. Dial ##002#

The moment you start dialling this code, by the time you get to the second zero, it will send you to a secure environment to be sure you’re the one. After that, it will alert you to set a security code, when you’re done, you can now use this code.

What this code does is to put off every redirection on your phone and it is important to do this before you access roaming. This way there wouldn’t be extra charges for calls that are directed to your voicemail.



4. Dial *#06#

Use this to check your IMEI Number. You will need it for a lot of security settings. With this number, you can easily track your phone when it is stolen. If that number gets into the wrong hands, it can be used to get the model and technical details of your phone.



5. The James Bond Codes.

There are special codes that allow someone to track your location or allows someone to determine if someone is following you and they are known as James Bond Codes. You will need a utility net monitor to execute this.

They are not the same for every OS and so here the codes for different types of OS…

iOS: *3001#12345#*

Android: *#*#4636#*#*

Basically what this code does is to send you to a page where you can access all your phone information, usage statistics and WiFi Information and so when someone is spying on you, you can detect from the info provided. For instance, there is this app that according to your information, you’re accessing all the time when you don’t even remember the last time you even opened it, it should ring a bell.



6. Update Your Anti-Virus Regularly.

A trojan such as PlaceRaider can actually take pictures of you and even video you with your own phone and so it is important you update and scan your phone periodically to avoid being spied on.




7. Signs You Should Look Out For.

Phones are not supposed to heat and run out of battery just like that. Before your phone will heat, it means you’re using it or it’s on charge. If it runs out of battery faster than expected, send it for repairs and if you’re told everything is fine and you still have the same issue, it is advisable to change your phone because there is a possibility of someone spying on you.



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