Fake Policeman Nabbed After Stopping Senior Officers

A fake policeman was on Thursday evening arrested after he stopped an unmarked police car.

The impostor, who was not identified, reportedly set up a road block along the Isinya-Kiserian road, where he would stop vehicles, frisk the drivers and ask for bribes after claiming that their cars were faulty.

The man’s jig was up however after he flagged down an unmarked police car.

As he’d previously done, the impostor surveyed the police officers’ vehicle and went on to assert that their vehicle had a worn out tyre.



As he was questioning the driver about the ‘faulty’ tyre, the other officers in the car noticed something amiss with the man.

He was alone and he did not properly wear the green police jacket which suggested that he was not a real traffic police officer.

“My officers arrested him and asked why he was operating alone. He said his colleague had gone to a nearby hotel to relieve himself,” Isinya OCPD Stephen Weda said.

The real officers went on to frisk the impostor and found some money and a police ID belonging to a female officer from Kajiado Central in his possession.

It was later on discovered that the female officer and the impostor had been living together.

The man is set to be taken to court where he will face charges as per his actions.

It is not clear what will happen to the female officer.


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