Fake Prophet Nabii Tito Arraigned In Court For Trying To Commit Suicide

False Prophet ‘Nabii Tito’ is finally feeling much better after slicing his stomach with a razor blade. According to several news outlets, the ‘man of God’ tried to take his life after being declared mentally disturbed.

He was however arraigned in court earlier today where he was charged for trying to take his own life. Apparently he made deep cuts around his navel area; but thanks to the police officers who had escorted him to his house in Dodoma, they managed to rush him to hospital in time.

His ministry so far has been banned by the government of Tanzania and as for now he will be checked into a mental hospital to ensure he does not harm himself. His wife and house girl on the other hand have not been seen since the pastor got arrested.

Tito Machibya the false prophet

Apart from urging his followers to drink alcohol; the prophet is said to have also encouraged his congregation to sleep with their house helps in order to keep multiplying in numbers.


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