Fans React As Wema Sepetu Share Recent Photo Of Huge Baby Bump (Photo)

Tanzanian sweetheart Wema Sepetu is back with a new movie. She announced this through her Instagram page where she shared a photo looking pregnant to promote her new project.

Having supportive fans, they all left moving messages hoping she will one day have a child of her own. From the many comments left by Wema’s fans it is clear to see that most can’t wait for the day she announces that she has a baby on the way.

Wema Sepetu


A while back the actress revealed that she aborted her child with the late Kanumba. From her statement, Wema Sepetu says she was young and stupid as she could not repeat the same mistake if given a second chance.

Her miscarriage

On February 17th 2016 the lady confirmed that she suffered a miscarriage. This saw her lose her twins who were due in December of that year. Since then she has been seeking medical help to see whether she will get pregnant. However, Wema Sepetu says if she hits 30 years without a child she will then do away with her womb.

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