Fashion Tips: Six Mascara Mistakes You Are Making

Mascara can make or break your look. Simple mistakes that you make while applying mascara can ruin the inviting look.

To get the most of your lashes, here are some mistakes to avoid.

Pumping the wand in and out of the bottle.

This pumps air into the tube, drying out the product fast which causes clumping and flaking. Instead, gently twist the wand against the inside walls of the tube rather than pumping.

Sharing mascara with friends

Eyes are the critical part of your body. Sharing mascara can lead to serious eye infections. Your wand alone is crawling with your microorganisms and bacteria from your own lashes. And then if someone else uses it, the bacteria will be spread.

Applying incorrectly

To get the best-looking lashes, start with the lower lashes and wiggle the brush as you move upward. To avoid clumps and flaking remove any excess mascara from both ends of the bristles.

Curling the lashes after applying

Always use your curler before applying your mascara. Remember to begin at the root of the lashes and carefully. Press the curler together and hold for about 10 seconds then move the curler out to the end of your lashes and repeat.

Using old mascara

If your mascara is three months old, it’s time to ditch it. Pumping the wand in and out of the tube allows dust and microorganism to get in thus a breeding ground for bacteria. Using it for a long time increases your risk for various eye infections. Also, if mascara becomes too thick, replace it as thicker mascaras are much difficult to apply and you will definitely get spider like looks.

Sleeping with mascara on

Going to bed with makeup on is a big no. Leaving mascara on can cause lash breakage, eye irritation and even eye infections. Wash off the mascara completely before going to bed.


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