Fisherman Drowns After Boat Capsize In Lake Victoria

A 21-year-old fisherman drowned while three of his colleagues survived when their boat capsized in Lake Victoria on Thursday afternoon.

Brian Omondi died after the vessel split and got submerged near Remba Island in Suba North, Homa Bay.

His colleagues Bernard Onyango, Evance Omondi and John Ouma said the boat developed cracks before filled it up.

They were rescued by other fishermen who heard them shouting for help.

Speaking to the Correspondent, Homa Bay Beach Management Unit chairman Edward Oremo said the accident occurred due to strong winds and waves.

“The fishermen tried to draw water from their boat with buckets before it sunk,” he said.

He added: “We’re appealing to the Homa Bay government to donate life jackets to fishermen as it promised so no more lives are lost.”

The chairman said security personnel were looking for Omondi’s body.

County police boss Marius Tum told fishermen to avoid the lake when the weather signals danger.

“Fishermen should observe weather patterns and return to land before rains begin for their safety,” he said.


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