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How Followers of Self Proclaimed Prophet, David Owuor Wash Roads With Soap for Him to Pass

Prophet David Owuor's Worshipers
Prophet David Owuor's Worshipers

Residents of Nakuru town and indeed many Kenyans have been shocked by a move by followers of Prophet David Edward Owuor to wash roads with soap in preparation for the preacher’s visit to the town.

Prophet David Owuor's Worshipers

The many worshippers arrived in the town with buckets of water and detergents and embarked on a mission to clean the roads where Owuor’s motorcade is expected to pass when he holds a crusade in the town.

Photos and videos circulating online show mesmerized passersby marveling at the move, with the worshipers giving them little attention as they clean the roads.

Prophet David Owuor's Worshipers

The incident has attracted mixed reactions from Kenyans on social media. While some believe the worshipers are justified to cleanse the roads for the self-proclaimed prophet, others are of the opinion that the believers have resorted to worship him instead of God.

Prophet Owuor has over time commanded a major following in the country, with many believing his prophecies are genuine and should be followed.

He is among the most revered preachers within the Kenyan Christian context, but there are those who still believe he is not a true prophet of God.

This is not the first time Owuor has attracted attention.

Prophet David Owuor's Worshipers

His followers have done more than washing the roads before. They at some point lay sheets on the road for his motorcade to pass.

The followers regard him as a true man of God and accord him the treatment Jesus Christ received during his triumphant entry into Jerusalem as written in the Bible.

Jesus’ followers lay palm leaves on the road as he rode a donkey into the city.

Prophet David Owuor's Worshipers

However, those opposed to Owuor argue that while Jesus rode a donkey or rather walked in most instances, Owuor moves around town in high end cars with detailed security that at times causes traffic snarl-ups.



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