Foods You Should Never Order On A First Date

The following are foods that should be off your radar when going on a first date with a guy:

  1. Burgers

Burgers are good. They are tempting. They should however be avoided because of how messy they are clumsy. No one wants to have their faces with foundation painted with sauce.

  1. Soups.

Soups are generally served in liquid form. There are a variety of soups. Mushroom soup, chicken soup, cream soup and egg drop among others. Soups are generally served as starters and in some restaurants, porridge is served as a starter. The slurping sound while one drinks soup is very un -attractive. If you are aware that you cannot take soup in a proper manner, avoid it.

  1. Spaghetti and noodles.

Spaghettis are delicious but the act of eating them requires so much skill. First, one needs to roll the strands on the folk of which chances are slim that the fork will contain all strands. Some of them will fall off the folk with a higher risk of falling on someone’s dress. Then there is the gross part where one has to pull the strands in to their mouth. The whole scenario is disturbing.



  1. Spinach.

Spinach is a very versatile food which can be eaten raw especially in salads. It has high nutritious benefits because it contains an excellent source of vitamin K, vitamin A, magnesium, foliate, manganese, iron, calcium, vitamin C, vitamin B2, potassium, and vitamin B6. Despite its profound benefits, the sight of spinach stuck on one’s tooth is obnoxious. It’s embarrassing if your date gathers courage to tell you that you have spinach stuck up on your teeth.

  1. Anything you are not familiar with.

The thought of being taken to a fancy restaurant is intriguing and very romantic. Be warned, the minute the waitress places the menu on the table and you start flicking through the pages of the menu. Try as much as possible to order foods that you are familiar with. Do not eat sushi or calamari just because you heard they are delicious. As the saying goes “seeing is believing” in eating, tasting is believing. A date is not a try out food affair. It’s more of a setting that at most times aims at analyzing who an individual is. It is embarrassing if one orders something that is new to them and they end up not finishing the food. It feels like an ambush. It is important to stick to what you know.

You only have one chance to make the first impression. Most dates happen in restaurants or food joints. Try as much as possible to order what you are comfortable with. If perhaps you are not good at using the fork and knife technique, don’t force issues. No one wants a scene of game of thrones on their plate where the fork and knife will be at war with the food.


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