Former Governor William Kabogo Calls For Justice James Wakiaga to Recuse Himself in Jowie Murder Case

Former Governor William Kabogo has now directed his fight towards High Court Justice James Wakiaga after he denied Jowie Irungu bail labeling him a “woman eater” and the male version of slay queen.

Replying to a critical tweet towards the judge by Mutahi Ngunyi, Kabogo asked that he should be recused from further hearing of the case.

“A very sad day. He should excuse himself from hearing that matter. Me think,” wrote the former Governor.

Mutahi Ngunyi had posted a carefully crafted question towards the former Chief Justice Willy Mutunga over the language used by the judge when delivering the verdict which saw Jacque Maribe released on a Ksh 2 million bond or Ksh 1 million cash bail.

Mutahi Ngunyi (pictured) had posted a critical question towards former CJ Willy Mutunga

“Does a ‘woman Eater’ (whatever that means) have the same constitutional right to bail as “a slay queen”? (A Pedestrian term used by TABLOIDS) “James Wakiaga”,” posed Mutahi Ngunyi on Twitter.

Justice Wakiaga had on Tuesday delivered the ruling terming Jowie as a male slay queen on grounds that he did not have his own home and implied that he often lived off of women.

Jowie was also denied the bail because the judge considered him a flight risk with his connection outside the country and accessibility to guns that would intimidate witnesses.

In the ruling, Jacque Maribe was however not allowed to appear on screens either reading news or as the interviewee as it would also intimidate witnesses.

Kenyans were also not impressed with the Judge’s choice of words with many rushing to defend Jowie after the label.

@martineskarimi noted, “It’s sad that a judge could show so much prejudice against an accused person, so blatantly.”



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