Former IEBC Commissioner To Escape Prosecution Over 2017 Election

A report by the National Assembly’s Public Accounts Committee (PAC), exempted former IEBC Commissioner, Roselyn Akombe, from a list of people it recommended for prosecution over the 2017 General Election.

The report has recommended that Chairman Wafula Chebukati and former CEO Ezra Chiloba be prosecuted over the bungled poll.

It is likely that Akombe was excluded from the document, which was tabled in the House on Wednesday, because she resigned from the commission days before the election.

In her press conference, she had claimed that the exercise could not even pass a basic credibility test.

Chebukati has been accused of awarding millions in contracts to law firms associated with him to represent IEBC in various petitions.

“The chairman of the commission, in serious violation of Chapter Six of the Constitution, presided over the allocation of legal work to his former law firm without disclosing this relationship or even cautioning the Secretariat,” read the report.

Commissioners Boya Molu, Abdi Guliye have also been implicated as well as former Commissioners Consolata Maina, Margaret Mwachanya and Paul Kurgat.

The lawmakers established that the election was marred by interests of a team that turned into speculators and wheeler-dealers.

“It was all blame game. The picture that emerged was that of an IEBC that was held hostage by incessant battles of supremacy between the Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer,” the report further condemned the poll.

According to PAC, the true cost of the August 2017 General Election and the repeat October 2017 presidential election may never be known.


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