Here Are Four Ways You Can Wear Your Fringe Outfit

A big trend this year is the fringe. Fringe is everywhere right now. It can look amazing, stylish, boho and super cool. If you want to go the stylish route with fringe, there are so many different things you can do to make it look amazing. Here are few sleek and sexy ways to wear fringe, because fringe is fun this holiday season!

Headwrap: Stylists own, Fringe/tassel: Bandage affair, Shoes: Shoe world
Hat: Co-be Nairobi, Fringed cutout top: Bandage affair
Choker: Mr. price, Print kimono: Wangari Mathenge, Fringe jumpsuit: Bandage affair
Accessories: Bizzy Lizzy, Top: stylists own, Fringe pants: Bandage affair

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