Friend Talks About How Kenyan Socialite Pesh Is Serving 10yrs In A Ghanaian Prison

Peninah Rema popularly know as Pesh ‘disappeared’ in July 2015. It later turned out that the curvaceous socialite is serving a 10 year jail term in Ghana.

Pesh is said to be serving the 10 year sentence in a jail in Kumasi, Ghana. The socialite was arrested in 2015 for drug trafficking.

A lady who went to campus with Pesh – Lydiah Wairimu narrated how the socialite ended up in prison. Lydiah says Pesho was recruited into drug trafficking without her knowing.

Apparently Pesh was unknowingly lured into drug trafficking with the promise of a good life. The socialite hooked up with a Nigerian who promised her a good life little did she know she was being used to traffic drugs across the world.

“So the day Pesh was leaving Ghana the guy hired a taxi to take her to the airport kumbe zile manguo amepack tonnes en tonnes of drugs ndio hakutala kumpeleka airport,” Lydiah Wairimu narrated in part.

Mystery Nigerian drug trafficker

Lydiah further says that the Nigerian who was using Pesh to traffic drugs had multiple identities. Ghanaian authorities couldn’t trace the Naija with the names Pesh gave them.

“Poor girl she didn’t know she was being used by the naija men to transport drugs. So innocently she arrived@ Ghana airport bag kaenda checking kawaida. ikapatikana drugs worth 30m ksh. She was not aware akafungiwa cell ya airport next day to court kuhonjiwa where she came frm,who sent her their phone numbers everything was fake hawangepatikana,” Lydiah Wairimu revealed.



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