Google to Make Job Searching Easier For Kenyans

Kenya, Nigeria And South Africa Biggest Winners Of Google's Africa Tech Training

Millions of Kenyans searching for jobs will have an easier time doing so thanks to Global tech giant Google.

Google has launched a new online search feature in Kenya that matches job seekers with their targeted opportunities.

The new feature allows job seekers using Google web search engine to tailor their employment hunt according to their preferred location, industry, company and career level. Job seekers need to first key in employment or jobs in Kenya to view a list of jobs available locally.

Kenya, Nigeria And South Africa Biggest Winners Of Google's Africa Tech Training

This has been done in partnership with a number of online job sites such as Brighter Monday and Fuzu. Recruitment sites and employers can partner with Google job search for a chance to reach out to a wider audience.

“This new feature helps job seekers find employment opportunities with ease. There are filters to customize the job search according to a specific industry, location or the company. A person is also able to save a page or to bookmark a site and continue the job search at a later time,” said Google Product Marketing Manager, Christian Lin.

The new job search tool was unveiled simultaneously in Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa with plans underway to unveil it in other markets in Africa. The tech giant first uncovered the job search functionality in the US in June last year in partnership with Glass door, a recruitment site in the US.


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