Gov. Sonko Opened Direct Phone Line To Him But Nairobians Have Mixed Reactions

mike sonko

Sometimes, Governor Sonko tries to execute new plans in Nairobi.

He has additionally been executing diverse laws and guidelines once in a while for Nairobi and some work while others don’t. The latest endeavor to attempt interface with Nairobians is the telephone number that he posted

for Nairobi citizens to reach out to him and tell him about urgent matters. He said that he will be available from 05:50am to 07:30am if you texted 0722886600. Some people saw the gesture as noble while other Nairobians were not pleased with this system arguing that it would not make sense for over 2 million Nairobians to reach him with one cell phone number.



Of course in every attempt there are people who favored this move while others were not pleased by it.

One of the Kenyans On Twitter suggested that Sonko should build a call center system for every ward. Sonko responded and said that he would consider this move. The main question from everyone is what would he would do about the problems he was told about.

Even though it may have seemed like a big sacrifice to wake up early and talk with Kenyans, the question that still begs to be answered is will there be change?


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