Government To Align Its Budget To Uhuru’s ‘Big 4’ Agenda

The government will align its budget to President Uhuru Kenyatta’s “Big Four” agenda, the National Treasury has said.

In a notice inviting stakeholders to submit proposals on economic policy measures for the 2018/2019 financial year, Treasury said the government has prioritised policy objectives under the Big Four.

First mentioned by Uhuru during the Jamhuri Day celebrations last month, the government will focus on the Big Four – food security, affordable housing, manufacturing and affordable healthcare – in what is seen as a strategy to secure the President’s legacy.

Treasury Principal Secretary Kamau Thugge said the proposals should be submitted by February 28 when the new budget cycle kicks off.

“Building on the progress made so far and with the aim of accelerating industrialisation and further transforming the lives of Kenyans, the government has prioritised policy objectives under ‘The Big Four’ agenda for faster growth of the economy,” Thugge said.

“The submissions should be specific, supported by a brief statement of the issue to be addressed and the rationale for the proposals.”

Uhuru has promised to dedicate his energy, time and the resources of his administration to the Big Four.

Part of the strategy is to provide housing to all Kenyans by constructing at least 500,000 affordable houses by 2022. This will be done by reducing the cost of mortgages and promoting large-scale investment in low-cost housing.

In the first pillar of the Big Four, the government plans to create more jobs by expanding the manufacturing sector. Agro-processing, leather and textile industries have been identified alongside the blue economy as key drivers of the pillar.

This will also involve the destruction of counterfeit cartels. The government is also keen on local processing of tea, coffee, meat, vegetables and fruits.

Thugge said the government is determined to support value addition and raise the manufacturing sector share to GDP to 15 per cent by 2022.

Last week, the Sunday Nation reported that key state ministries and departments will face massive spending cuts as the Treasury looks for cash to finance the Big Four agenda and tame spiralling public debt.


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