Governor Anne Waiguru’s Husband Accused Of Chasing Someone’s Wife

Kirinyaga County Governor Anne Waiguru’s hubby Kamotho Waiganjo has sparked laughter online after narrating how a random man suspected he was sleeping with his wife. Waiganjo claimed the man felt very embarrassed after learning that he was not sleeping with the wife, but was just her hair business client

In a Facebook post dated Friday, April 26, the revered lawyer said he received a call from a man claiming he had found evidence that he was sleeping with his wife on her phone. According to Waiganjo, the then irate hubby relied on Mpesa messages which clearly showed the lawyer has been sending money to his wife. ”Kenyan men and their issues, so I get this call from an agitated husband telling me to leave his wife alone. Who is this nut I wonder? His evidence? He has gone through her phone and I sent Mpesa to her regularly. Of course I say that is nonsense then out of curiosity I ask for her number,” he wrote

It is at that juncture that it hit Waiganjo that the lady in question is his daughter’s hairdresser and his many MPesa transactions to her were just the many bills he was clearing for his daughters. Left with no otherwise after learning of the truth, the raged hubby came down and profusely apologised to Waiganjo for suspecting him wrongly. ”It turns out she is my two daughter’s Kenyatta Market hairdresser so of course I Mpesa her regularly. Embarrassed Hubble, profuse apologies, one marriage saved. Help!” he added. His post excited thousands of his social media fans who lauded him for saving one’s marriage. Waiganjo is happily married to Anne Waiguru. The two made headlines after officiating their union in a secret traditional wedding attended by the who is who in the society.


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