Governor Ngilu Supports President Uhuru’s Stand On Premature Campaigns

Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu has backed President Uhuru Kenyatta’s clarion call to shun 2022 presidential campaigns and support his Big Four development agenda.

Mrs Ngilu said it was wrong for politicians regardless of their political divide to engage in premature 2022 succession politics.

The Governor told the politicians instead to focus on delivering his legacy premised on the implementation of the President’s agenda.

Speaking at Mutonguni Africa Inland Church (AIC) in Kitui West, where she assisted the region’s church council to raise money for development, Ngilu said it was premature for politicians regardless of their political divide to engage Kenyans into an electioneering mood, some four years before the election year.

Without naming names, Ngilu said one of the Head of State’s ally had become drunk and notorious with the presidency’s talk and nicknamed him “Mr 2022.”

Ngilu said despite the position one holds in the government, he or she should put emphasis to ensure that Uhuru’s key development agenda is implemented.

Accompanied by Kitui West MP Edith Nyenze, the governor said the talk by some of the President’s men on the 2022 polls was misguided and uncalled for.

She stressed Uhuru’s priority to work on his four key pillars; manufacturing, universal healthcare, affordable housing and food security.

“I want to tell them to stop campaigns for 2022. They are currently occupying big seats and they should tell us what they are doing about them to change lifestyle of Kenyans. If you can’t transform lives from where you sit, don’t transverse counties drumming support in 2022,” Ngilu said.

The governor urged Kitui residents and Kenyans at large to reject and say no to politicians whose agenda was to put the country into electioneering mood to thwart development in the devolved units.

Ngilu later visited Mutonguni Girls Secondary School where she promised that her administration would support the school and entire education fraternity at large.


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