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Governor Sonko Linked To Night Gun Drama (Video)

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has been accused of storming a private property in Kikambala, Mtwapa, in the company of armed men and opening fire in the air to scare away the occupants.

Joseph Lenguris, the landlord of the seven-bedroomed home, divulged that Mr. Sonko launched the raid on Friday, January 12, 2018, at 2 am.

playJoseph Lenguris who accused Governor Mike Sonko of shooting at them after storming his property in Kikambala (Facebook)

According to Lenguris, the flamboyant Governor dramatically ambushed them with siren-blowing vehicles and immediately they were inside the compound, his goons started shooting in the air indiscriminately. This forced them to scamper for safety.

“Alikuja saa nane za usiku na zile gari zake za kupiga maalarm wakaanza kutumimina risasi,” he said.

It is alleged that the landlord and his wife Monica Hata have been in a dispute with Sonko’s cousin – Caroline Mwandiko – after she bought the land in 2013.

Lenguris accuses the Governor’s cousin of not paying the full amount of Sh23 million for the 3.5 acre piece of land even after a formal agreement they had. This is according to papers he showed NTV.

The middle-aged man alleged that the Governor’s family forcefully ejected them out of the house even before clearing the debt adding that they have been living in shelters since then.

playNairobi Governor Mike Sonko (Twitter)

“When we entered an agreement they came and forcefully ejected us out f the house,”Lenguris said.

An eye-witness divulged that Sonko was sarcastically laughing in his car as his men opened fire on the fateful night.

However, the Governor told NTV that he had gone to the property to rescue his nephew who had been locked out of the house by armed men.

At the same time, Mtawapa OCPD Joseph Kariuki confirmed that Mr Sonko was at the premises but denied any incident of shooting.

“The governor was in that area because that is his relative. The relative is outside in Germany. His nephew had been denied access to the premises and that is why he was there. The incident you are talking about the shooting we are not aware of as there is no evidence,” Mr Kariuki said.

Lenguris say that they no longer want to sell the property and are calling upon the Government for help.



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