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Guyo Denies Claims That Elachi’s Impeachment Is A Result Of Jubilee Politics

Nairobi majority leader Abdi Guyo on Friday denied claims that speaker Beatrice Elachi’s impeachment is a result of Jubilee wrangles.

He said Elachi squandered the chance she was given by the Presidency to serve the people of Nairobi.

On Thursday MCAs impeached the speaker citing gross misconduct. But hours later she obtained an order reinstating her.

Guyo said ward representatives have serious misgivings about her leadership.

“The motion was signed by 112 members, out of which 103 voted out. The mover of the motion convinced members that the speaker deserved to be impeached. As a member I was convinced beyond doubt,” he said.

“This should not, however, be viewed as Jubilee politics. The issues raised against her cut across the house membership. That is why a big number of members voted against her.”
Guyo said Elachi was invited for a joint Kamukunji to discuss the issues, but she failed to appear.

“One year after we voted her, we think having come from the Senate majority whip, she came with a notion that she is senior that the rest of us and on many occasions she has disregarded our calls to clean the house,” Guyo said.

The Majority leader also accused Elachi of having propelled a false notion that MCA’s are corrupt.

“When you go around calling members corrupt what perception are you sending to the public? We do not manage county money and she erred when she decided to vent her anger on us,” he said.

He said the assembly will not Elachi to impose herself on them.

“The court cannot impose a speaker on us. If 98 percent doesn’t trust you just leave and go do other things because it is not right for us to compromise on leadership,” Guyo noted.

Elachi was on Thursday reinstated by the High Court just hours after MCA’s impeached her citing “gross misconduct”.

Labour Relations Court judge Maureen Onyango ordered Elachi to continue with her duties pending the hearing of her case on September 11.


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