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Hamisa Ray C, Settle Beef After Public Outburst

Tanzanian singer Ray C and Hamisa Mobetto seem to have settled their beef which went public sometime in July this year.

The alleged beef started when Ray C posted pictures of a dress and top sold at Mobetto’s boutique alleging that they were fake.

That did not settle well with Hamisa who called out on Ray C for trashing her business instead of supporting her.

It did not end there, Ray C fired back and called Mobetto a home wrecker.

Hamisa later released her song first single, Madam Hero, which Ray C also blasted her for diluting the Tanzanian music culture.

“Mnaharibu maana nzima ya Bongo Flava! Acheni utani na kazi za watu! Sio kila mtu aimbe.It’s bulls***. Am tired of listening to bulls*** song! #LevelUp,” Ray C commented.

Less than a week after the video of Hamisa’s song was released, the two seem to have settled their grudge.

Ray C shared a snippet of the video on her Instagram account and captioned it “Upendo zaidi utawale kwenye nafsi zetu…Inshallah!”

Hamisa thanked her and even joked about the ‘Fendi’ skirts that fueled their beef.

“Shukran sana…uje ufate zawadi yako ya fendindindi” she commented.


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