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Having a Sponsor is Not a Bad Thing: Hamisa Mobetto Advises Kenyan Ladies

Tanzanian socialite and musician Hamisa Mobetto has advised young ladies that having a sponsor is not a bad thing.

During an interview with Chipukeezy, Hamisa, who is currently in Kenya, however said having one’s own wealth will ensure independence.

“Having a sponsor is not a bad thing. However having your own (wealth) is the most beautiful thing in the world. Sponsors are there, but they will use and dump you eventually” she said.

“When you have your own wealth, it’s hard for a sponsors to control you,” she added.

Hamisa Mobetto

Hamisa also claimed that she is the one who dumped Diamond Platnumz after realizing that he was not her type.

“I felt like it was the right moment for me to move on. We already have a baby so it is not a relationship that I would like to continue. So I had to end it,” she said.

She denied that she was attracted to Diamond’s wealth saying that she met him while he was still broke struggling to make a breakthrough in the music industry.

“I can’t say what attracted me to him because when I knew him back then, he didn’t have stardom, fame, cash or body,” she explained.

Hamisa also refuted claims that she sought services from a witchdoctor to restore her relationship with Diamond, terming it as a misinterpretation. According to Hamisa, the call with the religious leader was for general prayers for the wellness of her family and kid.

“People recorded it and misinterpreted it. When you listen to the whole thing you realize it is a woman who wants to make things better for her kid,” she said.

Hamisa Mobetto

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