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Healthy Plantain Recipes In Kenya

Plantains are very easy to prepare and they can be prepared in a wide variety of methods. Many people have no use of plantains, but this will solve the problem on how to cook plantain. They can be adjusted in a variety of ways below is a comprehensive method of transforming your plantains to an everyday meal.

1. Mashed plantains

This is the easiest recipe among all plantain recipes. The goodness of this recipe is very distinct.Healthy plantain recipes in Kenya

Procedure 1
All you need is to boil them in water with salt.

Once they are well boiled, drain the water in a bowl and mash them evenly.
Add the hot water until they are consistent to your liking.
Serve alongside same beef and greens and you will not be disappointed.
Alternative procedure
On the other hand, you can fry the peeled plantains.

Add oil to your sauce pan and then add onions. Fry the plantains completely and then add seasoning of your choice to the pan.
Let the plantains heat as you stir them.
Add a cup of water and let them heat for around 20 minutes. Drain the excess water and mash them evenly.
Once they are even, add water to make it soft and then serve with your stew.

2. Fried plantain
To make fried plantains, you need two cups of water, three cloves of garlic that are smashed evenly, salt and seasoning if need be. Vegetable oil and two unpeeled plantains are very necessary. Instead of seasoning, a tomato paste may also be used.Fried plantain recipe

First combine water, garlic and salt in a bowl and mix them. Set that aside. In a sauce pan, heat the oil until hot. The plantains are supposed to be well sliced equally.
Heat the plantains until golden yellow and remove them from the cooker. Press the plantains down using a spatula and then soak them in the water that you set aside.
Heat the oil again and then cook for about 4 minutes ensuring that you turn each one of them.

You can serve this dish with rice or any starch dish ensuring that you make it balanced by adding some proteins to the dish. Add the salt to taste and you are good to go. This dish can also be accompanied by garlic sauce to make it extremely amazing. The fried plantain recipe is a must try for the people who are very enthusiastic about new recipes.

3. Plantain fritters
This dish is an amazing dish with plantains.How to make plantain

Vegetable oil,
4 garlic cloves,
salt, black pepper
3 plantains peeled and grated, and chopped cilantro leaves.

Heating your oil in a sauce pan.
Cut your cloves and smash them. Then sprinkle some salt on them until a nice paste is formed. Ensure that you entirely smash them to ensure consistency.
Mix the paste into the grated plantains. Use one spoon to press the plantains on another. Take the balls and fry them in a pan. The last result is a ball. Make sure that the balls are brown enough and the last result is amazing.
Sprinkle the cilantro and then serve when hot.
This dish can be served all alone and with the amount of starch in the dish, be sure to observe your dish while making it for amazing results. Well it’s never too late to do something new. Very few people find plantains useful. This is because more people prefer potatoes to plantain. However, this traditional dish can also be used in the modern world. Feel free to make the plantain fritters and enjoy as you eat them.

4. Green plantain recipes
In order to make plantain chips, you will need cooking oil and two peeled plantains.Green plantain recipes

Preheat the oil in a cooking pan.
Cut the plantains into thin pieces, and make sure that you cut them lengthwise to ensure that they cook completely.
Once the oil is well heated, add the plantains in the pan and wait until they turn brown. Once they do, drain the excess oil into paper towels and once you are done, you are good to go.
Serve your plantains alongside other dishes or you can just take them as they are. To make your diet balanced, add a fruit to it. Try this plantain recipe at your home and you will not be disappointed.

5. Baked plantains
Just like baked beans, plantains can as well be baked and the result is simply amazing.

All you need is a tablespoon of vegetable oil, guava jelly, plantains cut into small slices, guava jelly and rum plus black pepper and salt.How to make plantain

Start by preheating the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Grease the baking plate evenly and arrange the chopped plantains on it.
In a saucepan, melt the guava jelly and rum and then season with the black pepper and the salt.
Pour the mixture in the plantains and then bake for around 20 minutes.
This dish can be accompanied by steamed greens and beef to make it balanced. Ensure you try this dish at your home, does it well and you will simply love it.

6. Roast plantain recipeFried plantain
Whoever thought that only meat can be roasted; this will change your mind. Peel your plantains very well and place them on a grill. When you are roasting them, ensure that you keep turning them to make sure that they brown well. Serve them and enjoy your dish. Some people simply take them as they are or with tea. Some also decide to add other side dishes to go with the roasted plantains. It’s never too late to try out new things. Roasting helps to improve taste. Try this one today and enjoy the nice nutritious dish.

7. Stewed plantains
Vegetable oil
Chopped onions and tomatoes
Salt and seasoning of your choice.
Chopped beef.(Optional for vegetarians)
For the vegetarians, you can forego the meat and add plant protein like beans to replace the meat.Banana plantain


Heat the oil thoroughly and then add the chopped onions. Stir until golden brown.
If you will use meat in the dish, ensure that it is boiled first. Then add your boiled meat and let it cook for 5 minutes. Add seasoning of your choice.
After that keep stirring your beef and ensure that it’s even and the salt is added to taste.
Chop your peeled plantain in a separate bowl. Chop it into small pieces and then add them to the beef. Keep stirring until the plantains turn brown.
Add a cup of water to ensure that a stew is obtained. Wait for it to cook completely and then serve. This dish is served as it is.
Some people serve it with rice or chapati or any other Kenyan meal. It is very nutritious and also very delicious if cooked very well. This is one of the delicious green plantain recipes.



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