Here’s 10 Things to do if You Feel Lost in Life

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Do not dwell on the past. Your history cannot be erased, but your future has yet to be written, so make the most of what is going to happen instead of worrying about what you cannot change.”

     – Anon

We all have good times and we all have bad times. Like Patricia Arquette says in the movie True Romance, sometimes life goes that way – but you have to remember that it also goes the other way, too.

Even the most brilliant people on the planet have moments where they feel uncertain. The rug has been pulled from underneath them and they’re not sure what to do next.

So when you feel a bit lost in real life, first of all remember that you’re not the only one. Feeling lost is okay – it’s human. It’s disorientating, and it can feel as though we can’t see the horizon anymore. But it’s how you react that’s important. Because no matter how lost you feel right now, there is always a way out of the maze.

Here are 10 things to do if you feel lost in life:

Remind Yourself That It’s Okay To Feel Lost

It sounds strange, but sometimes we need to feel lost in order to find ourselves again. People who ignore all the warning signs often drift through life on the wrong path. It’s only until we take heed of the alarm bells that we reassess our situation and get ourselves back onto the right path.

It’s okay to feel lost and alone. It happens to everyone. But you should see this as an opportunity to learn more about yourself and to grow.

Those who succeed are those who have failed and felt lost. If you never fail, if you never experience difficulties, you’ve never truly got what it takes to succeed.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help

Too many of us are afraid to ask for help. But remember that you have a support network of friends and family around you who are ready to answer your call.

Whether you need guidance, assistance, or you just need a chat, don’t be afraid to ask someone. They’re always ready to listen.

Remember What It Is That You Love Doing

When was the last time you truly had fun in life? When did you last let your hair down?

Do you even remember what it feels like to take things easy and just go with the flow?

As we get older, it’s easy to lose sight of the important of being playful and having fun. Burdened by the responsibilities that come with adulthood, we start to take life too seriously. And eventually we burn out and feel disillusioned.

It’s time to remember what it is you love about life. What gives you a kick? What makes your heart thump? Find time for it.

Remember That Time Is On Your Side

The biggest mistake you can make right now is to freak out because you feel lost and are worried that time is slipping away.

Remember – there is always time.

Stop being scared that you don’t always have the answers. Embrace uncertainty. No one expects you to work everything out at the drop of a hat. Take your time.

Head Out On An Adventure

An adventure doesn’t have to be a six month trip around the world. It can be a day out to the seaside, or a hike up the hills. But getting out and about among nature and exploring the world is important if you’re feeling disenchanted with life right now. It gets you out of the house and the city, and it also gets you out of your own head.

Heading out on an adventure can give you a fresh perspective on things, and it will help to recharge your batteries. You might even meet new people, or find your calling in life.

And when you do return home, you’ll have more clarity about what it is you want.

Draw Up Some Dreams

They say that out of destruction comes creation. I say that feeling lost should spur ourselves to dream.

The best way to find yourself after a period of disenchantment is to take a moment to reconnect with your dreams. Did you have dreams before the burdens of life got too much? Write them down on a piece of paper.

Ask yourself, if you could do anything, what would you do? What would make your life better than it currently is?

Reconnecting with your dreams is inspiring and could provide the boost you need right now to get your life back on track.

Leave Your Comfort Zone

You know your comfort zone so well, don’t you? You know its architecture, its boundaries, its content, and you know how it makes you feel.

But you’re still lost. Something isn’t quite right!

It’s going to sound odd, but despite how familiar you are with your comfort zone, it could be that which is making you fall out of love with life. Why? Because our comfort zone is an illusion designed to trap us from unleashing our potential. It binds us tightly in a spell of monotony – and this is when we begin to feel lost.

You should challenge yourself to break free from your self-imposed chains and try something new. Take risks. Leave your bubble. Do something you’ve always wanted to do but been afraid to.

Be Positive

When we feel lost, it’s easy to exacerbate the problem by letting out negative emotions pick up momentum.

For example, when you say “I feel utterly lost” you are already swamped by negativity. But we often create an emotional avalanche by then saying “there is no way I can ever improve things.”

This emotional momentum keeps picking up the pace of a bullet train if we allow it.

You can stop the train in its tracks by thinking positively. Telling yourself you can change the situation is the first step to actually changing it.

Give Yourself Something To Look Forward To

When people ask me what makes me happy, I always say “having something to look forward to.”

Plan something for next week. Give yourself a reason to feel excited.

Remember How Powerful You Are

When we lost, it’s easy to feel helpless – as though we don’t have the power to change our situation. But we do. We all do – including you.

You have the ability to make choices in life. You can choose to fumble around in your darkness, or you can take action and pick up the torch that will guide you to the shore.

You have an incredible amount of power to hone the life you really want. If you can dream and picture it, you can achieve it.



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