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Here’s Why Arsenal Fans Make The Best Husbands

Here are 4 characteristics that make Arsenal fans the best husband materials this side of the Sahara.

1. Arsenal Fans are faithful.
Faithfulness is the most important ingredient in marriage and like we all know, Arsenal fans have endured the hard times under dictator Wenger and they are still going strong. No matter how hard headed you are, this guy will never dump you for the girl next door.

2. Patience.
Arsenal fans are extremely patient it makes you wonder if supporting Arsenal is some kind of cult, you see, marriage needs patience to work and this is the kind of guy who will stick around and try to make things work out for the two of you. Ask yourself why Wenger is still coach despite the humiliations over the years.

3. Hardworking And Rich.
No woman wants a lazy husband, a man without money is not a character most women would want to hang around. Do you know that the richest man in Africa Aliko Dangote is an Arsenal fan?

4. Prayerful.
Of all the teams in the world, Arsenal fans are the only ones that have been pictured praying for their team before a league match, Yes, when Man city chewed nearly chewed Arsenal away, fans had a special service for the team because spiritual intervention was the only thing Arsenal needed at that time. #COYG!


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